"Emilie" is my second professional stopmotion short film. I spent the last 3 years working on it!!!
It's almost finished now. More to come very soon!

"Emilie", a film by Olivier Pesch
15'30" / Colors / 1:85 / 2012
Produced by Samsa (LU)
Co-produced by Beast Animation (BE), Lev pictures (NL), studio352 (LU)

Emilie blog
this blog in under construction until the release of the film: be patient!!!

Emilie on the Samsa website:
Link Emilie Samsa

My sculpting desk @ Pedri (NL)

You can see more stuff about the construction of the "Emilie Puppets" @
Enjoy! These guys are amazing. They did really nice puppets. I had a nice time in Ankeveen (not far away from Amsterdam). 

I'm not a talented drawer, but sketching characters or develop them into drawings helps me to discover which direction I'm going to take for the model making; drawings are precious to me! I think I'm a much better sculptor than drawer. 

Some screenshots of "Emilie":

Le Gardien du nid
Robert is keeper to a fantastic hatching station. His job is to take on six eggs with some unexpected behaviors. Some complications occur between the eggs as, among them, is a small egg, Ben, who does not develop in a normal way. His inability to progress normally provokes a feeling of reject among his fellow creatures. Robert finds himself in a distressing and painful situation. He tries with all he can to lessen the pain due to the handicap of Ben, and grows closer and closer to the smallest of the eggs...

"Le gardien du nid" is my first professional stopmotion short film 

"Le gardien du nid", a film by Olivier Pesch
13'30" / Colors / 1:85 / 2006
Produced by Samsa film (LU)
Co-produced by Vivement Lundi (FR)
With the support of
 Film Fund Luxembourg
Région Bretagne

Find out more:

Panique au village

Furthermore I worked as an indoor set- and prop builder on the feature film “A town called Panic”, directed by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar (La Parti Production,Belgium, 2008 / Studio 352 , Luxembourg). I really enjoyed it and the entire ´Panic´ crew was really great. The amount of different sets to build was amazing... 13 months of happiness!

Nevertheless I have to say that I find it really helpful to know how to build stop motion sets! Sometimes it is really tricky, depending on the animation you have to do. Every set is well thought-out before the construction. The most important aspect you have to think about is the access of the animator. He should always be able to reach the puppets during the animation.

Link to official site:



Over the past years, I have worked on a feature film called “Max&Co”, directed by Frédéric and Samuel Guillaume in Switzerland (Cinemagination2006). I started as an assistant animator, but I quickly moved on to help in the puppet department. I managed to cope with both jobs at the same time, which was really a great experience. The shooting experience was amazing and motivated me to continue my work in stop motion. Here's the trailer:


I really enjoyed working for such big stopmotion productions because you learn plenty of things in a small amount of time, which renewed my passion for this kind of movies.

Cravendale Commercial:

I also worked as an indoor set- and prop builder on the Cravendale commercial, directed by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar (produced by La Parti Production (Be) 2008 & 2009)

Cravendale commercials:
Cravendale: toe tapping 2008

Cravendale timetravellers 2009

Viva Commercial:
Here's a video of a commercial I co-directed with Daniel Wiroth in 2011, for the Rosport water company in Luxembourg ( (Lu) / Binsfeld (Lu), 2011)
The shooting was a mix of stopmotion, pixillation & life.

or on vimeo:


Before I directed my first professional short film, “Le gardien du nid”, in 2006 in collaboration with Samsa film and Luxembourg Film Fund, I worked on "Elegant", a film by Daniel Wiroth (2004). It was one my first jobs being a trainee on a stop motion movie. I was assistant animator, I did some puppet maintenance as well as some set dressing. The shooting was very exciting. It was a mix of live action & stopmotion animation.  

Elegant samsa site 

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